Graphic Transportation Group

Why Graphic?

At Graphic Transportation, our commitment to delivering your goods on-time, every time is more than pretty words.

We have many real world stories to back this up. One in particular comes to mind.

The phone call came at midnight.

A client, a large publisher, had time sensitive materials that needed to be on newsstands by 6 am. They had just learned that their printer's power was out. The presses were down. Materials were not being produced. On-time delivery seemed like an impossibility.

The first question our manager asked himself was this: what could Graphic Transportation do to help? It didn't matter to us that we would put in extra time when the problem was caused by the printer. Our attitude towards customer service is that finger pointing just wastes time. We were immediately on the job, doing whatever we could to help things work out.

We obviously could not restore power and get the printers running. What we could do, however, was to help coordinate the materials that had made it off the press and quickly reschedule to ensure maximum delivery.

Disregarding the late hour, our manager began to make phone calls. Did the newsstands really need 300 publications, or could we do smaller runs with the materials that made it off the press? Which newsstands were absolutely critical for our deliveries? If materials were really delayed, which newsstands would have to wait?

Time passed, with Graphic's busy on the job. Everyone was working together. It's how we work best.

At 2 am the presses, which had been running on emergency back-up power, were in full operation. The power was back on.

Another hour passed; it was now 3 am. Our drivers were on the road, on route to the printer to collect the materials for delivery.

Our manager explained the situation to the drivers, working with them to coordinate their new schedules. Delivery routes were updated and the manager was in constant communication with the client, the printer and our drivers.

As the sun edged over the horizon, the trucks rolled into their destinations. On-time, as scheduled.

In the end, we helped the client deliver over 98% of their scheduled production run.

It's a night burned in the memories of everyone who worked hard to make that possible. Yet for Graphic, it was also just another night of doing what we do best. Delivering your goods, on-time, every time.

Total Distribution
Graphic Trnsportation Group

From end-to-end, we can take care of all your transportation, distribution and warehousing needs:

  • 24-hour dispatch
  • 24-hour secured facility
  • Company-owned fleet
  • Consolidation experts
  • 24-hour customer service
  • National distribution capability
  • Full service carrier
  • Specialty tailgate equipment
  • Third-party logistics (3PL)
  • Time sensitive handling and delivery
  • Matix Transportation Software
  • Radio Frequency Warehouse Management Software
  • Graphic Transportation Group